25/06/2011 10:21 -03 | Atualizado 07/12/2017 01:00 -02

'Democracy Now' Turns Up In WikiLeaks Cable On Haiti (VIDEO)

The progressive radio and television show "Democracy Now!" discovered that it had turned up in one of the classified State Department cables released by WikiLeaks.

On Friday, host Amy Goodman was moderating a discussion about secret WikiLeaks cables on Haiti when she revealed that, among the many communications that The Nation, which uncovered the cables, had discovered, there was one which talked about her very own show.

The cable, from 2005, shows that the State Department was upset with U.N. forces in Haiti for what it saw as an insufficiently aggressive attempt to push back against a "Democracy Now!" report about a massacre of civilians in a poor neighborhood of Port-au-Prince by U.N. troops. The U.N. had argued that it was conducting a raid to wipe out gangs in the neighborhood, Cite Soleil, and that there had been no massacre, but "Democracy Now!" showed eyewitness reports countering this narrative. The reports were then picked up by Haitian rights groups.

The State Department said that the U.N. had allowed these reports to "fester."

Goodman took the news that the State Department had been negatively discussing her show in a classified memo with aplomb.