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29 Adorable Harry Potter-Themed Baby Photos

It's never too early to pass down the fandom.

This week marks 20 years since the first Harry Potter book hit store shelves. 

Over the past two decades, as young fans of the series have grown up and had their own children, they’ve found ways to pass the magic down to their kids. In fact, many parents have started sharing their Harry Potter love from the very start with themed baby photo shoots.

In honor of the series’ 20th anniversary, here are 29 adorable Harry Potter-themed baby photos. 

  • Shutter Envy Photography
  • Alisa Messeroff Photography
  • Candy Stick Photography
  • Shannon Leigh Studios
  • Kayla Glover Photography
  • Kristi Lee Photographer
  • Captured By Katie Photography
  • Nestful of Love
  • Memories Forever By KK
  • Rachael Turner Photography
  • Jessica M Photography
  • Candy Stick Photography
  • Captured By Katie Photography
  • Shannon Leigh Studios
  • Valerie Tyler Photography
  • Alexandra Marrero/Lady Nikon
  • Stephanie Fisher Photography
  • Once Upon A Memory Photography
  • Carrie Carpunky Photography
  • Mulberry Lane Studio/Joyfully Lit Photography
  • Capturing Forever Photography
  • Shannon Leigh Studios
  • Tamires Guimaraes Fotografia
  • SJC Photography
  • In The Moment Photography
  • Feather Artistry
  • Timeless Image
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