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Stephanie Decker

Criadora da The Stephanie Decker Foundation

In March 2012, a tornado ripped through Henryville, Indiana. Stephanie Decker found herself shielding her two children from the debris, which crushed her legs, cracked her ribs and punctured a lung. Stephanie’s children were unharmed, but she lost the use of her legs and nearly lost her life. Through her will to overcome and new realization that she could make a difference, Stephanie started The Stephanie Decker Foundation, which supports children with prosthetics participating in sports and helps people gain access to prosthetic technology.

Stephanie and her foundation has been featured on: The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC World News Tonight as "Person of the Week", USA Today, USA Weekend, and People Magazine. In addition to being a sought after keynote speaker, she is a L'Oreal 2014 Women of Worth Honoree.