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Sandra LaMorgese Ph.D.

Author, Podcast Host, Sexpert, Metaphysician, Keynote Speaker, Holistic Practitioner, Ordained Reverend

Sandra LaMorgese PhD, is an expert in Personal and Professional Life Reinvention, Authentic Living, Communication, Intimacy and Bridging the Gap Between a Lifestyle that Focuses on Holistic Health and Balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit Her professional specialties are life transformation, interpersonal and professional communication, beauty, health, wellness, and sexual intimacy. She has worked as the Director of Education for Cures, a wellness skin and body care brand, and is an award winning motivational speaker, sexpert, metaphysician, holistic practitioner, ordained Reverend. She is also the author of Switch: Time For A Change, a memoir about how her later profession as a dominatrix ultimately allowed her to change her previously blind adherence to “the rules,” and to enter into a whole different kind of contract with a truer version of herself. Sandra was able to change her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to embrace a passionate and fulfilled life. As a podcast show host, Sandra interviews guests that have “walked the walk” in authentic living. During the show, expert guests answer questions and educate listeners about authentic living, health, sexual intimacy, sexual authenticity, BDSM, and all things sexy and fun. Dr. Sandra LaMorgese has been featured as an expert on The Howard Stern Show, Dr. Oz, New 12 To Your Health, Playboy Radio, NYPost, Forbes, GQ Magazine, FORTUNE Magazine, among other media highlights, in addition to writing and publishing articles on the topics of life transformation, health, beauty, vitality, intimacy, and sexuality. Dr. LaMorgese holds degrees in communications, holistic nutrition, and metaphysical science, and she also leads local and national seminars in life change, female sexual empowerment, anti-aging, wellness and sexuality, and communication. Sandra is also a professionally trained actor who studied method, film, and television at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, commercial acting at the School for Film & Television, and media presentation training at On Camera . . . and Off, Inc. with Larry Conroy, all in New York City.