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Rosa Gauditano


Rosa Jandira Gauditano was born in April 3, 1955 - São Paulo, Brazil.

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1997/2014 - Director of the Studio R Agency in São Paulo which focuses on cultural projects related to photographic documentation and archiving. She is also the director of the NGO Nossa Tribo (Our Tribe) which works with communication, making links between the Indigenous people and the cities.
Published books of photography:
2011 - "Indigenous People in Brazil", Studio R, São Paulo .
2006 - "Guarani M'Byá Villages in the City of São Paulo " .
2003 - "Roots of the Xavante People", ED. Studio R, São Paulo .
2003 - "Feasts of Faith", ED. Metalivros, São Paulo .
2001 - "Saltillo", Municipal Institute of Saltillo, Mexico .
1998 - "Indians, the first Inhabitants", ED. Fotograma .
Solo exhibitions :
2013 - "So Far So Close", Guarani Mbyá in São Paulo City - at SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo.
2013 - "Guarani Kaiowá, Tavytera father, Crossed Glances" - at the Federal Senate in Brasilia, DF.
2011 - "Indigenous People in Brazil" - at Caixa Economica Federal, São Paulo and Brasilia cities.
2010 - "Guarani Mbyá in São Paulo City" - at the Southbank in London.
2006 - "Guarani M'Byá villages in São Paulo" - at Caixa Economica Federal, Brazil.
2003 - " Xavante People's roots" - at Caixa Economica Federal, São Paulo, Curitiba and Brasilia cities.
2003 - " Xavante People's roots" - at Caixa Cultural - São Paulo.
1999 - "Nossa Tribo" (Our Tibe) travelled through Houston Museum of Natural Science - Houston, USA; Monterrrey Cineteca, México; Cervantino Internacional Festival, Guanajuato, México and Querétaro Arts Museum, México .
1998 -"Indigenous People, the First Inhabitants" - at the Conjunto Cultural da Caixa - São Paulo .
1997 - "Nossa Tribo" (Our Tribe) - at the Fuji House of Photography, São Paulo.
1991 - "Colors and Feasts" - at the Alliance Française Gallery, São Paulo.
1989 - " Divino's feast of São Luis's do Paraitinga "- at SESC Pompeia, São Paulo.

Part of her work is kept at the São Paulo Museum of Art (art collection) including the Pirelli / MASP collection, Museum of Photography, Curitiba, São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, Afro-Brazil Museum, Cineteca Monterrrey, Mexico and in the private collection of Emanoel Araujo, Olivier Claris / Houston / USA and Margie / Houston / USA.
2010- Executive Director of "Oyó, the fight of the Xavante boys."
2007- Executive Director of "Child Nutrition for the Xavante People".
2005 - Executive Director of "Darini, Spiritual Xavante Initiation".
These videos were made by Xavante indigenous film makers of Mato Grosso, Brazil.