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Marilyn Katz

activist, strategist and president of MK Communications

Awakened to politics by the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s, Ms. Katz has been organizing, writing and marching for ever since. Lucky enough to be ‘born in interesting times”, she helped found W.I.T.C.H,, the Chicago and Los Angeles Women’s Unions, the Reproductive Rights National Network, served as National Secretary for New American Movement, led the media and press teams for Harold Washington’s historic victory in 1983, was a key organizer of the 2002 anti-war march at which President Obama made his now-famous anti-war speech and is as active today as she was in 1965. She is president of MK Communications, a strategy and public policies issue firm, is a founder of Chicago Women In Action, co-author of two books, "the Glasshouse Tapes" and Growing Up Female, and writes frequently for a variety of journals on both domestic and international issues of peace and justice.
O assédio sexual é um problema dos homens, não das

O assédio sexual é um problema dos homens, não das mulheres

A possibilidade de denunciar o assédio sexual sofrido é importante e já deveria existir há muito tempo, mas minha dúvida é outra. O que eu pergunto, em vez disso, é: "Diante de tanta atenção crítica voltada a seu comportamento, será que os homens agora vão mudar seu modo de agir?". Porque, em última análise, é isso que é realmente necessário para que as coisas mudem.
17/11/2016 19:14 -02