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Margie Warrell

Autora do best-seller Brave, Stop Playing Safe, and Find Your Courage

Margie is passionate about empowering people to think bigger about what is possible for them, engage in bigger conversations and lead more purposeful lives. From her childhood growing up one of seven children on a farm in rural Australia to traveling to over 65 countries and becoming an internationally recognized thought leader in human potential, she’s learned first hand about courage, resilience and perseverance. Margie draws on her background in Fortune 500 Business and Psychology as a keynote speaker, master executive coach, media contributor, bestselling author and facilitator. Her client organizations include Best Buy, United Healthcare, British Telecom, NASA, Hitachi, Ernst & Young, Accenture, and AOL. She has appeared on The TODAY Show, FOX News, CNBC, Al Jazeera, and Australia’s leading talk show, Sunrise. Her latest book, Brave: 50 Everyday Acts of Courage to Thrive in Work, Love and Life, is a handbook for being more courageous. Written for busy people on the go, its short, focused chapters provide practical tools and empowering perspectives to help you build your 'courage muscles' in your work, relationships and life. Brave: 50 Everyday Acts of Courage to Thrive in Work, Love and Life is available now. Margie’s earlier books include Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage. - See more at:
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