Kerry Rossow

Sho-conspirator for the That's What She Said Show

After eighteen years in the classroom, Kerry Rossow left teaching and found her writing voice on her blog, HouseTalkN. Sharing her life shenanigans, Kerry is a columnist for In The Powder Room. In 2013, following the motto leap and the net will appear, Kerry joined a mission trip to Haiti, became a published author of the best selling anthologies, I Just Want To Pee Alone and You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth, and took to the stage as part of the cast in Listen To Your Mother.
In an effort to shine a light on women's stories and contribute an authentic image of women's lives, Kerry co-created The That's What She Said Show, a live theater show by, for, and about women.
Kerry lives in Illinois with her patient husband, her embarrassed children and her naughty dog. She is the woman who makes you feel better about yourself.
Não seja insolente com a sua

Não seja insolente com a sua mãe

Hoje - o dia em que você revirou os olhos com tanta força que seus olhos quase caíram da sua cara e o tom da sua voz estava pior que as suas palavras. Reconheci o "dã" da minha própria voz de adolescente. Seu comportamento me chocou tanto, que pela primeira vez fiquei sem palavras.
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