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Kelly Daniels

Educational background in architecture. Current owner of Blueberry Design Studios specializing in all things creative.

Since I was a little girl, living my happy little life in Panama City FL, I’ve been creative. I entered every art contest I could and loved my wood burning kit even though it triggered my asthma attacks.

Which leads me to tell you a bit about my dad.

He's a very successful electrical engineer - and if you know engineers, he is the epitome of just that. Around the age of 17, I told my harshly direct and frustratingly logical father that I wanted to study art in college. He said NO. Period. But thankfully, in addition to art and probably because of my dad, I had an equal interest in the maths and sciences. Which led me to study architecture.

In 2009, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL with a double bachelor in architecture and architectural science, as well as a minor in mathematics. I love architecture. For me, it's simply art on a much larger, more technical scale. It was a perfect fit for me... and still is.

In hopes of beginning my career as an architect, I moved to Atlanta, GA in the fall of 2010... I was unexperienced, eager, and willing to work for peanuts. Shortly after my move, I landed my dream job at one of the largest firms in the country, where I worked for nearly two years. Real world realities and a still struggling economy changed the trajectory of my future & brought me back to basics. My basics, anyway.


The world didn’t take long to laugh at my plans and give me a dose of reality. Having learned that lesson quickly, I launched Blueberry Design Studios and began painting. Specializing in custom, hand painted pet portraits, my dreams of business ownership became a reality. Over the last two years, Blueberry Design Studios has become a place where I can flex all my creative muscles. Architectural design, hand renderings, photography, and so much more… this is my new reality.

Who knows what lies ahead… stay tuned!

Será que o meu futuro não seria como eu sempre o havia

Será que o meu futuro não seria como eu sempre o havia imaginado?

O mundo está sempre em evolução e nada parece acontecer como planejado. Todos nós precisamos nos adaptar. Adaptar as nossas vidas, nossas famílias, nossa saúde, nossos negócios. Eu aprendi que seguir a rota que foi traçada para nós nem sempre nos proporciona a vida que vislumbramos.
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