Kathleen Brooks

Marketing, Medical Device & Healthcare Industry, Writer

Kathleen works as a Director of Marketing for a large healthcare company. She has successfully worked in the Medical Device industry for over 15 years and loves her career.

Kathleen moved to Egypt at a young age where she attended school and traveled extensively. She also lived, studies and worked in Yemen and Syria. Kathleen learned to speak Arabic during her years in the Middle East. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Middle Eastern Studies with a focus on Arabic and is currently completing her MBA in Healthcare Administration.

Kathleen lives in the Northwest and enjoys traveling, writing and spending time with her wonderful friends and family.
'Eu sou gorda. Este fato é

'Eu sou gorda. Este fato é incontestável'

Sofremos uma das poucas formas que restam de discriminação aceitável. Algumas pessoas podem me julgar pela minha aparência e presumir que eu sou estúpida, preguiçosa ou que eu como batatas fritas e sorvetes o dia inteiro. Agora, não me interpretem mal; eu não quero ser gorda.
17/11/2014 14:48 -02