Erica Jagger

Blogger, A Sexy Woman of A Certain Age

Erica Jagger is the pen name of a 51-year-old divorcee living in Los Angeles. When her marriage ended after 20 years, she bought into our culture's message that women over 40 are invisible to men, and wondered if she'd ever have a date again. She's happy to report that she's had many. Her erotic exploration has taught her that a woman who owns her sexuality, regardless of age, is a force to be reckoned with. So she started a blog to ignite a conversation about the sexual power of boomer women. Please join in and visit You can also follow her on Twitter @ohgoderica.
'Por que um ótimo sexo é uma forma de

'Por que um ótimo sexo é uma forma de arte'

O que faz do sexo simplesmente um ato físico e o que o torna transcendente? Sexo ruim ou sexo medíocre é o primeiro. É um exercício mecânico envolvendo algumas partes do corpo, esquecidas tão logo acaba o ato sexual.
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