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Alyssa Ramos

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Alyssa Ramos might look like a bikini model, but she acts like an extreme adventure junkie with a severe obsession with traveling the world. She's a self-made travel blogger who's been to 32 countries and 6 continents, usually by herself, and makes traveling on a budget look good. She blogs about her experiences and travel tips on her website,, so that other wanderlust travelers can get inspired in a fun, yet informative way. Wifi, travel hacks, and a great long-lasting lipgloss are essential, but don't be surprised if you find her slumming it for the sake of travel or charity.
Sim, sou bonita e viajo

Sim, sou bonita e viajo sozinha

Seria de se imaginar que é elogiável uma mulher jovem trabalhar muito para pagar por suas próprias viagens e ter coragem de ir a outro país sozinha. Mas, que nada! Para algumas pessoas isso é um mistério internacional incompreensível.
10/08/2015 14:18 -03