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Aaron Greenwood


Aaron Greenwood; founder of #momstakes and #thepowerofmealtime is known as A. A. Ron by those closest to her is a seasoned professional photographer, amateur artist and writer; currently seeking full time employment and a return to the workforce after being a SAHM/WAHM to her three daughters and aging dog. A genuine and blunt person and anything but pretentious; A. A. Ron finds it quite awkward to speak or write of herself in third person. She currently calls the desert of Texas her residence but has yet to find her forever home. After living in many places and traveling often, she has a strong curiosity for the world outside of herself and her own personal experiences. She is currently in the process of letting go of unnecessary items and creating a well edited life and home. Also, she hopes to one day live in a tiny house with those she loves. She is deeply committed to seeing there be equality for every single person and ending childhood hunger. She and her husband share their energies and efforts in raising well mannered, capable children, taking steps to improve upon our world. She previously ran a busy photography business, cooked for several episodes of a local TV station and has held a variety of other jobs. You can find her blogging about food, life, her children, hippie healing and many other things at and on instagram @airgreenwood // if you know of anyone hiring please direct them to While she may love her children, husband and family more than all of the stars in the sky, she is certainly not obsessed with them or incapable of intelligent thought and a clean t-shirt. However, don’t ask why she still can’t do fancy things to her hair or braid her daughters’ hair well. She’s a constant work in progress and she much prefers this never again knowing how beautiful it can be to accomplish or fail at something.