10/06/2014 02:35 -03 | Atualizado 10/06/2014 02:59 -03

Pongtu, Toilet-Unclogging Plastic Wrap, Might Replace Your Plunger (VIDEO)

It looks like there's no way this could possibly work.

In a video from South Korea, a toilet is clogged up with nasty brown water and plenty of toilet paper. But don't grab a plunger -- reach for the Pongtu.

Pongtu looks like a big, yellow piece of plastic that fits right over the toilet and forms a seal. Once it's in place, you do something that seems certain to lead to a huge and explosive mess.

You flush the toilet.

While the plastic sheet swells dangerously, it doesn't burst. Instead, as it rises, you place your hand on the sheet and push back down.

In the video, three pushes on the Pongtu sent the whole mess down the drain, clearing the clog in just under a minute.

It's pure potty voodoo.

(h/t The San Francisco Globe)